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Commercial Janitorial & Building Maintenance

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Our Janitorial Services Include:

Our Maintenance Services Include:

  • Clean or replace HVAC filter
  • Clean drain/garbage disposal
  • Install batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Inspect and replace caulk in bathrooms and kitchen
  • Vacuum refrigerator coils
  • Schedule air conditioning inspection
  • Check fire extinguishers
  • Clean exhaust hood and filter
  • Inspect interior paint and touch up as needed
  • Inspect roof for damage
  • Inspect foundation for drainage problems
  • Drain sediment from hot water heater
  • Insulate exposed pipes as needed
  • Turn off outdoor water supply and store hoses
  • Inspect deck for any nails or screws that may be popping up
  • Test GFCI outlets
  • Clean dryer vents
  • Check sinks and toilets for leaks
  • Test sump pump
  • Change light bulbs as needed

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