Cleaning the upholstery in your home is probably something you do fairly often. However, the upholstery in your office building or commercial space is likely in need of a deep cleaning as well. Common areas like lobbies and conference rooms often are the home to furniture that is used frequently by a number of people. Needless to say, these surfaces are inevitably going to end up covered in stains or at the very least, dirt and bacteria.

Upholstery cleaning can not only get rid of the grime that builds up on your office furniture but it can also improve the overall air quality of your work space. Pesky allergens like dust, mold and mildew are known to live in upholstery, which can lead to illness in your employees and yourself if it is not cleaned regularly. At TKO Janitorial, we can clean virtually any surface with the proper cleaning method that it requires.

If you think it is time to get your upholstered furniture cleaned in your office space, contact us today!