Did you know that improving the operational performance of your building offers significant energy savings? Our maintenance crew at TKO Janitorial & Maintenance can help manage the day to day tasks needed to make a building more energy efficient.

Energy efficiency is important when it comes to large buildings. You may be overspending on your utility bills without even knowing it. Your lighting may be the biggest asset to your building that can help you save. Not only will we only ever use the lights in areas we are working in, but we can help you convert all incandescent lights to LED, as well as convert light switches to motion detectors and dimmable switches so you are never wasting any unnecessary energy. We can also connect you to low cost lighting suppliers as well as assist with OGE rebates.

The savings do not stop there, though! By making small, but effective, adjustments to hot water temperature, lowering the static pressure on the main duct and branches, changing the set points on fan discharge temperature and chill water supply temperature, installing motion detectors to the lighting system, regularly changing air filters, and only using lights in the rooms we are cleaning, we can save you money. There is nothing more important to us than optimizing your business so you can be as successful as you want to be.

At TKO Janitorial & Maintenance, our goal is to help you be as successful as possible. Whether that is commercial cleaning, performing building maintenance or helping you save. The time to start is now! Contact us today!