As people all over the world are becoming more aware of the harmful effects that chemical cleaners can have on the human body, businesses such as TKO Janitorial have began to make the switch to green cleaning. Offering green cleaning services to our clients is incredibly important to us because we know providing a safe workplace for their employees is incredibly important to them. Avoiding cleaning products that contain dangerous chemicals and toxins can have a negative effect on the overall health of your staff, as well as their ability to work while they are at the office. To avoid the harmful effects of these cleaners, TKO has switched to green cleaning for the benefit of the space and the people who occupy it. But what do our green cleaning services actually include?

What We Do

  • We use solutions that have recognized as being free of carcinogens, neurotoxins, reproductive toxins, fragrances and other ingredients that could cause health issues in those who are exposed to them.
  • We use the “greenest” equipment possible, such a vacuums that improve the quality of the air inside your space.
  • Ensure that our staff will abide by the green cleaning protocol set forth by our company.

At TKO Janitorial & Maintenance we clean green! Having a clean building means less sickness and less out-of-office days. If your employees are healthy they are sure to be more productive and happier, creating a thriving working environment. It is important that when you think about having your building cleaned by professionals you know what products and solutions they are using to clean with.

We believe that through our use of green cleaning we are not only protecting the health of all your employees but also the environment in the process. Commercial buildings have a lot of surface ground to cover when cleaning; by going green, we ensure that we are doing our part to be environmentally responsible when it comes to how much we use and what we clean with.

We use environmentally friendly products that rank high in several Good Housekeeping Research Institute studies. We do not use any harmful toxic chemicals that are potent or often leave a trace smell that you will notice to clean your space. With vinegar, baking soda, and Simple Green you can trust that when you use TKO Janitorial & Maintenance you are supporting the green movement too.

We strive to uphold our reputation of not only being wonderful at our job, but setting the standard of how green cleaning should be done in the industry. Through our eco-friendly products and practice, you can trust TKO Janitorial & Maintenance to provide you with green solutions for all your building cleaning. Teaming up with a greener janitorial company will save you money and improve the overall health of your workforce.

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